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About Our Formaldehyde Free Insulation

Why Formaldehyde Free?

We at Thermacon promoted Formaldehyde Free insulation, for all our domestic application. Let us tell you why…

Formaldehyde is what insulation manufacturers have used for decades to bond microscopic glass fibers together to make blanket insulation which is yellow or pink in color.

  • There is now sufficient evidence that formaldehyde causes cancer in humans.
  • Our insulation will not give off formaldehyde gases inside your building or home. No formaldehyde means fewer things to worry about!

Formaldehyde Free insulation is better to work with.

  • When formaldehyde is used, these microscopic small strands of fiberglass become very rigid and brittle. As the fibers are moved or bent they easily shatter, sending microscopic glass fibers into the air which cause respiratory and skin irritation.
  • Without formaldehyde, glass fibers are more flexible and less brittle. This means, no more annoying dust and itch!

Formaldehyde Free also means Odor Free!

  • Insulation with formaldehyde manufactured by other suppliers has a very strong and unpleasant odor. Not only can you feel the difference, but you can small the difference!

Worry Free! Dust Free! Itch Free! Odor Free!