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Insulation Removal

Insulation Removal

Thermacon Insulation specialises in the removal of your old insulation.

Insulation can need removing for many reasons:

home insulation

1)      Too old to be effective

2)      Blow in insulation that creates excessive dust and mess and also sags your ceiling

3)      Moldy, rotten or deteriorated insulation

4)      If a member of you family is asthmatic or has a sensitivity to dust.

5)      Is a fire hazard

6)      Installed incorrectly

7)      Rodent infested

Thermacon insulation  has a specialist machine that will suck out your old insulation and clean your roof space ready to receive new insulation.

Once your roof space is cleaned, it will be free of dust, builders rubble and pests or rodents.

Thermacon Insulation can then provide you with an obligation free quote to install new Formaldehyde  free batts that will last the life of your home without any of the issues above.

Call now for your obligation free quote and let us show you how your home will smell better and improve the re-sell price.